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Counterfeit Alerts

Counterfeit Alert: Superspar Sports

Superspar Sports is a Pakistani counterfeit/scamming operation based in Sialkot Pakistan. They are using original Titan knee and wrist wrap images to market their counterfeit products. Avoid any business interaction with this company. Wraps produced in Pakistan are inferior to Titan wraps that are manufactured in the United States. →

Counterfeit Alert: Star Link Intl

Beware of counterfeit wraps! Pakistan based manufacturer “Star Link” ( is attempting to counterfeit and sell renowned Titan Signature Golds. NOTE: Pakistani mass-produced wrist wraps are largely inferior to genuine Titan wrist wraps that are milled and manufactured entirely in the United States.

Counterfeit Wrist Wraps from Pakistan

Counterfeit Titan Wrist Wrap images have been found on the World Link International selling site.  Counterfeiters often steal images from the original manufacturers website to use on their own in the hopes of deceiving customers into believing they sell the same quality product.  World Link International is not a Titan authorized dealer and the product images they are using came straight from  e-commerce store.  Be on the lookout!- →

Counterfeit Knee & Wrist Wraps- Peru

Perú Tenga cuidado con las vendas de rodilla y muñeca falsificados! Busque las etiquetas apropiadas. Titán no tiene actualmente distribuidores oficiales en Perú . Beware of counterfeit knee & wrist wraps! Look for proper labels. Titan currently has no official dealers in Peru.