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How to identify counterfeit?

The first step  in protection is to shop only at

Titan Authorized Dealers

Unknown Suppliers/Chain of Ownership is Unverifiable

Item Ships From Suspect Locations

Poor Quality/Construction Issues/Size/Shape/Color/Finish/Materials

The products featured are counterfeit, fake products. The companies listed below are not Titan Authorized Dealers. These products are currently being sold on their websites under the Titan brand name, often using images from Titan Authorized Dealer sites:

  • are not manufactured by Titan Support Systems, Inc.
  • are not licensed by Titan Support Systems, Inc..
  • are not IPF Approved


Counterfeit Belts- look for these clues:


  • Manufactured outside of the USA, usually Pakistan. All Texas Belts (Titan) are manufactured in Texas
  • Rivets are not pressed steel rivets. Counterfeits feature screw type rivets
  • Leather folded over the prong (approximately 6”) is skived to half thickness so that it can be bent over the buckle by hand. Texas Belts are full thickness and are folded over by mechanical means to insure extra support and strength
  • Loop may tend to be flimsy or flexible. Texas Belt loops are made from the same leather as the body of the belt and are stiff and heavy.
  • Suede colors may be dull, inconsistent or have white fuzzy tips
  • Black-coat edging may be inconsistent. There may also be smudges on the suede
  • Buckle and prong tend to rust
  • No sewn-in Texas Belt label on the inside of the belt
  • No screened logo directly on the belt.
  • Usually features a sewn on embroidered patch


Counterfeit Singlets – look for these clues:

  • No Titan labels sewn inside
  • No Comprexx fabric. Comprexx is a heavy non-supportive stretch fabric that has a bright sheen on one side and a matte or duller finish on the other side. Counterfeits use lighter and thinner Lycra or Spandex
  • No Titan zig-zag stitching. Counterfeits tend to use double needle straight stitching
  • No high tensile strength thread. Counterfeits use lighter and stretchier threads.
  • Cut is not correct. This counterfeit (above) has a high V type back



Counterfeit Apparel – look for these clues:

  • Genuine Titan apparel uses major brand name blank clothing such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Ultra and Russell.
  • Fabrics, thread and stitching may be of inconsistent or inferior quality


All Titan Knee and wrist wraps are manufactured in the USA by American craftsmen.

All Pakistani manufactured versions are counterfeits and are not genuine Titan products or IPF legal.


Example of our product photography used on a counterfeit site.



All wraps are not the same!

Beware business to business websites where manufacturers post photos of Titan wraps and offer to manufacture and sell them. Most photos are stolen from the Titan website. Content and quality of the product cannot be assured.

 Titan assumes no responsibility for craftsmanship or warranty claims on counterfeit products. Counterfeit goods are not IPF Approved.

Shop only at Titan Authorized Dealers

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